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1 sierpnia 2018
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6 sierpnia 2018

PC game “Mr. Sprzatalski”

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Mr. Sprzatalski – an educational game

“Mr Sprzatalski”  („Pan Sprzątalski”) is an educational Biosystem Group’s project of the focused on natural and environment-friendly ways of getting rid of garbage.
It’s dedicated to students, parents, teachers and the local community.
For 4th and 5th editions of the project we designed: an educational app for PC with interactive exercises and cartoons about the adventures of Mr. Sprzatalski and his friends from Porzadkowo („Porządkowo”) town.
We also designed a board game, an educational board for learning proper waste segregation, diplomas for participants and other work materials to use in class.

Scope of work:

cooperation with the Client on product concept development stage, graphic design, character design, illustration, animation, voice over, postprodction, programming, testing.