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PC game “Mr. Sprzatalski”
2 sierpnia 2018
Dardanele Studio Animacji - aplikacje mobilne
Count with Little Mole
7 sierpnia 2018

Educational games

Dardanele Studio Animacji

Dardanele Studio Animacji

Educational games for primary students and their educators

This set of educational computer games (for Windows) we designed and build for our Client, Nowa Era publishing house. It’s a journey into the world of computers and the Internet. Games teach the basics of programming and working with the graphic and text editors.

This program has nothing to do with a boring or stressful test, because all tasks are game-like with colorful bright layout and cute animations. Players will became a treasure hunters embarking on a boat trip. They will visit five islands, on each of them kids will get the opportunity to win treasure chests, which helps them to guess a mysterious password. Game-like exercises are designed to test the knowledge and skills students have gained during the course.

The Computer Science Test is also not a boring quiz, but a platform game. It’s a simple arcade game for kids in which the player travels through a fairy-tale forest and collects envelopes with questions. For each correct answer, the player is rewarded, that motivates him to move further. But there is no “punishments” for an incorrect answer – the tricky question will appear again, and the program will give the opportunity to improve the result and perpetuate knowledge.

Skope of work:

graphic design, illustration, animation, programming, testing and bug fixing.