Meet a Dead Dog - a mobile app
Meet a Dead Dog
23 października 2015
Dardanele Studio Animacji - animowane teledyski
Rock ‘n’ Roll Cat
10 lutego 2017

Coal Mining Museum

Dardanele Studio Animacji - gry i aplikacje

Dardanele Studio Animacji - gry i aplikacje

A series of touchscreen apps for Coal Mining Museum.

The Silesian Dictionary app will improve your Silesian language skills while exploring the museum and show you the episodes from the everyday life of Silesian miners. The music quiz titled Silesian songs will introduce you to the beauty of Silesian folk songs and chants. The Silesian costumes app will show you miners’ outfits and traditional Silesian clothes. The apps show and explain everything in a fun way of learning.

Scope of work: concept, graphic design, illustration, animation, sounding, programming, testing.