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Instead – explainer video
2 sierpnia 2018
Dardanele Studio Animacji
GoGetter – Animations
9 sierpnia 2018

Animated video lessons

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Dardanele Studio Animacji - tworzymy seriale animowane

Animations for Core Curriculum for English

Core Curriculum for English is an extensive and multimedia-rich K-12 English Language course made by Young Digital Planet (now Sanoma Group). It provides truly interactive and digital experience that engages students of primary and secondary education through 10,000 resources.

We designed and created a set of animated films in which students follow the adventures of a group of children: Alex, Sam, Kim and Lucy. The series was designed specifically for young students. It’s not only great entertainment, these animated films also learn them many valuable and important things, among others… language:).

We also created graphics for interactive activities: exercises, quizzes, slideshows, educational games and songs. Our goal was to create tasteful and eye-catching graphics that makes learning English more fun and exciting.

At present, this is one of the largest projects we have designed: it consists of 500 animations and 5,000 illustrations.

We strongly believe that learning through play is attractive for children and young people of all ages!

Skope og work:

illustration, animation, postproduction.